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    3:51pm on January 22nd, 2013

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    Caux Collective Recommends: Heydays (The Streethearts Project)

    There are many fantastic blogs here on Tumblr, which specialise in typography and branding, but I would have to say my personal favourite of them all is Type That I Like and it was thanks to this very blog that I was made aware of this, my all-time favourite branding project, from the fantastic Oslo-based design studio, Heydays.

    In this project, Heydays undertook the job of designing a brand new, hand-drawn logo, as well as creating a simple and recognisable brand for fellow Norwegian compatriots, The Streethearts, who Heydays describe on their website as, “a street fash­ion blog with world­wide focus, run by two tal­ented pho­tog­ra­phers, Andreas Schjøn­haug and Eirik Slyn­gstad.”

    When speaking of their approach Heydays explained, “We cre­ated a logo­type, busi­ness cards, notepads and their web lay­out. The bold hand drawn logo­type is inspired by street aes­thet­ics, which cre­ates a con­trast to the clear and fashion inspired typo­graphic layer beneath.”

    If you would like to see more from the blogs or companies mentioned, see the appropriate links above, where you will find the websites for each of them.

    We hope you enjoyed this post. If there are any Artists you’d like us to write about, or you’d like to give us your opinion on any issues we’ve raised in this post, contact us on our Twitter, email us on cauxcollective@live.co.uk or message us here on our Tumblr page.

    (Source: mmlxiii, via contentsaware)